This years June Service changes will complete the first phase in the Enhanced Bus Service / Moving LANTA Forward bus study. EBS buildout is a multi-phase program. June will mark the completion of “Phase 2”. At this point we will start referring to the Blue and Green Lines as EBS, but please note that we are be no measure “complete” in building out the EBS system. Look out for future improvements and service expansions on these lines.
This change does mark the completion of a two-year Comprehensive Operational Analysis, realigning the network to better connect with EBS lines and new developments across the region. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to build a system that better connects the Lehigh Valley with faster, more frequent and more reliable transit service.

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Route Changes:

Please note any changes or routes not mentioned will not have any changes this June.

NEW EBS Route 100: Green Line

Route 100 is the introduction of the Green Line Enhanced Bus Service that operates from Wind Creek Casino to Whitehall Central (Walmart) in Whitehall service Enhanced Bus Stops only. Route 100 will be extended to serve MacArthur Towne Centre (Aldi, At Home) on nights and Weekends when Route 211 is not operating.

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Route 102: Union Blvd Local

Route 102 will have 4 alignment adjustments: In Southside Bethlehem, route will shift from 2nd St to 3rd St to serve the new Southside Station at 3rd and Fillmore. In Bethlehem service will be shifted from Union to West Broad St between Pennsylvania and BTC, following the 100 & 101 alignment but stopping at all local stops. In Allentown, service will be shifted from 4th St to 6th Northbound and 7th Southbound in route to ATC. Further west the 102 will be introducing a westbound loop serving Wescosville Park & Ride, before approaching the West Lot stop at LVHN. After serving LVHN, the route will serve Cedar Crest Professional Park before expressing up Cedar Crest Blvd to layover at Weis Cedar Crest. Eastbound service will begin at Weis. Riders of the loop will have to get off the bus at Weis. They can wait for the EB trip, or transfer to Route 101 or 501.

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Route 103: Susquehanna St – Northampton

Route 103 will have 2 realignments, in Allentown the alignment will change to 4th St, Linden St, and Hamilton streets. With service removed from Greenleaf between 4th and 7th streets. In Whitehall the realignment will serve Whitehall Central (Walmart) and Whitehall Square (Redner’s) on all trips.

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Route 104: Emmaus

Route 104 will no longer serve the LVM. Service from Emmaus to ATC will remain the same, but the Southern end of the route will be extended up Cedar Crest Blvd to serve Cedar Crest Professional Plaza and LVHN Cedar Crest Hospital.

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Route 105: Hellertown

Route 105 will no longer serve LVM and will instead end at LVIA. The southern end of service will be Extended to Creekside Shopping Center in Hellertown 7 days/week. Route 106: Palmer, Route 107: Hanover Ave, Route 108: Fountain Hill-East Hills, Route 209: Walbert

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Route 211: Parkway Whitehall

Route 211 will have 2 alignment changes, on the southern end the 211 will serve Parkway Shopping Center on Jefferson Ave hourly, removing hourly service to LVHN Cedar Crest Hospital. Service to LVHN will continue to operate only two daily trips. LVHN will remain being served by 102, 104, and 501. On the Northern end route will no longer be a loop. The 211 will now serve Whitehall Mall, Presidential Dr, Whitehall Square (Redner’s), Whitehall Central (Walmart), and MacArthur Towne Center (Aldi) on north and southbound trips.

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Route 214: Forks

Route 214 will have South Side Easton loop removed. Service from EITC to East Braden will remain. Service to Forks Plaza will be provided on north and southbound trips on the 214.

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Route 215: Schoenersville

Route 215 will no longer serve Creekside Shopping Center. Service will be added to serve Commerce Blvd in South Side Bethlehem, with layover at QVC. Service between South Bethlehem and LVIA to remain the same.

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Route 218: Fogelsville

Route 218 will no longer serve Windsor Dr, operating on Tilghman instead. Schedule will remain the same. Windsor Dr will remain being served by Route 213.

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Route 220: Bethlehem – Easton

Route 220 adds 2 Eastbound trips serving NCC in the evenings, leaving BTC at 7:42pm and 9:42pm. All other trip times will remain the same.

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Route 319: Race St

Route 319 will no longer serve ATC in regular service. Service will be added to serve LVIA on all trips. Saturday and Sunday service will remain the same, leaving ATC at times indicated. (These trips are funded by FedEx and operate independently of regular 319 service.)

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Route 323: Center Valley

Route 323 will be a complete redesign with all current service removed. Service will be added from Corporate Pkwy and Promenade Shops over South Mountain on PA-378 to a counter clockwise loop in Southside Bethlehem operating on 4th, Hayes, 3rd, Polk, Columbia, Northampton, and Brodhead.

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Route 324: Airport

Route 324 will be realigned to serve both directions on Hanover, Irving, Airport, Lloyd, Airport Center, Irving, Marcon, Postal, Ave A/B/City Line (NB only), to LVIA. New stops will be added along segment: Airport Shopping Center NB, Irving at Marcon NB, Hoover at Lloyd SB, Airport at Lloyd SB/NB, Airport at Congress SB/NB, Airport at Livingston SB/NB, Irving at Clay NB/SB, Irving at Dieruff SB/NB, Irving at Tilghman NB/SB, Irving at Dent NB, Irving at Hanover SB.

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Route 503: Schnecksville Flex

Expanded to include Egypt, Oreville, Macarthur Town Centre, and Whitehall Central (Walmart). This route will operate Monday-Saturday 6am-6:30pm

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Route 505: Coopersburg Flex

Expanded to include St. Luke’s on Lanark Dr, and all addresses along S. 4th Street Allentown to the ATC.

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NEW Route 508: Fogelsville Breinigsville Flex

Flex zone covering New Smithville, Fogelsville, Breinigsville, and Trexlertown. Overlaps with 501 on Hamilton Blvd. Encourage connections to 101 at Trexlertown Plaza (Giant), Mill Creek Walmart, and Commerce Center on Hamilton (Movie Tavern). The route will operate Monday-Saturday 6am-6:30pm.

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Route 602: Whirlybird

Route 602 will be cancelled. See Routes 100, 103, 211, 325, and 503 for service.

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Route 603: West Allentown Crosstown

Route 603 NB will turn left on Washington from 6th to 7th/MacArthur, no longer serving Sumner. Northern end will be realigned to stop on Grape St before entering Lehigh Valley Mall. Southbound will also serve Grape Street between Mall and MacArthur.

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NEW Route 606: South Easton Circulator

Route 606 will be the Southside Easton Loop. Route will have a clockwise loop (606B via Centre) and a counter clockwise loop (606A via Packer) to serve both directions with 90 minute headways. (Think of “A” and “B” as directions, where other routes would be Eastbound or Westbound.)

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Route 613: Trexlertown Breinigsville Circulator

Service expansion and reschedule to better connect with Route 101. Now operates every 30 minutes – Bi -directional

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