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LANtaBus, An Introduction

The more you know about public transit in the Lehigh Valley area, the better off you are.  View this and the other seven videos in the series designed to make you familiar with and teach you how to use the public transit system effectively.


LANtaBus in the Lehigh Valley

An overview of the bus system operated by Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority (LANta) in the Lehigh Valley.


How to Ride the Bus

Tips and suggestions on how to ride the LANtaBus system in the Lehigh Valley.



Accessibility for People with Disabilities

How LANtaBus service in the Lehigh Valley makes it easier for people with disabilities to get access to their community by public transportation.


How to Read a Bus Schedule

How to read a timetable of service provided by LANtaBus in the Lehigh Valley.


Everybody Loves a Happy Bus

Some rules, tips, and suggestions on making the LANtaBus in the Lehigh Valley safe, secure, and fun!


Ride a Bike, Take a Bus

How to use the bike racks attached to the front of city transit buses on the LANtaBus system in the Lehigh Valley.


LANta Fares and Ways to Pay

A description of the bus fares for the LANtaBus transit system in Lehigh Valley – there are real bargains using tickets and passes.