LANta now provides you with four convenient ways to use the myStop bus tracker to find the real-time status of your bus:

Smart phone | Web | Landline | Text
Please note that message and data rates may apply if you sign up to receive text-message alerts. See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


1) By smart phone

Download the myStop bus tracker app or use LANta’s mobile website to use myStop bus tracker on the go.

2) By web browser

Go to the myStop bus tracker tool on this site (located on the sidebar on the homepage), select your route and see the current location of the buses on that route.  You can also click on your stop and see the current real time status of the next three buses scheduled to arrive at that stop.

For an in-depth guide on how to use the myStop bus tracker, click here.

Graphic showing when buses will arrive at a stop for the next two hours

Click a stop to find its number and the routes that serve it

Graphic showing the status of a specific bus using the web-based myStop bus tracker

Click a bus to find its status
3) By calling in to our automated phoneline

Call 610-776-7433 and select option 3 at the main menu – then enter the four digit number of your bus stop followed by the # sign.  The four digit numbers of all LANta bus stops are listed on the left side of the front of the bus stop sign, near the route number(s), and are also listed on each route’s myStop bus tracker page. When you click on a route number in the myStop bus tracker, a list of stops for that route will appear with the four digit bus stop numbers (as shown in the graphics below).

4) By sending a text message

 Text “LN####”  (without quotations) to 321123 along with your stop number. Example: LN1000. Message and Data rates may apply. See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


Finding Your Bus Stop Number


Graphic showing how to read a bus stop sign. All bus stops in LANta's fixed route network list which routes service the stop and include a 4-digit stop number which can be used to work with the automated call-in bus tracker (610-776-7433), the text-based bus tracker (text LN#### to 321123) and the web/mobile based bus tracker.

Planning Your Trip

Using Google Maps

You can find scheduled bus arrival times on Google Maps by entering an address or location. You can either set a destination and starting address and click the Transit transportation mode, or manually select bus stops as described below. You can also enter trip information into the Trip Planner box on the right or on the LANtaBus homepage. Additionally, our Customer Service department can help planning and determining trips through calling 610-776-7433 during our Customer Service hours.

When the map is zoomed to that location, bus stop icons will appear indicating LANta bus stops*.  Clicking on the bus stop icon will show routes and scheduled arrival times for that stop (this will not provide the real time status of those buses).  You can also plan your trip by clicking on Directions, entering in the address of an origin and destination and clicking on the “By Transit” symbol.  This will provide you with step by step instructions on how to make your trip using LANta.


We recommend that you double-check the information provided by Google’s trip planner with the schedule information on LANta’s Route and Schedule page.

* Bus stop symbols will of course only appear at LANtaBus stops.  The intersection you search for may not have a bus stop so find the intersection nearest where a bus stop symbol appears and click on that and plan to board there.