What is EBS?   

Enhanced Bus Service (EBS) is the Lehigh Valley’s Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT). BRT provides fast, frequent, and comfortable transportation. This provides High frequency service to the Lehigh Valley and operates along the EBS corridor. EBS routes only service certain bus stops, known as EBS stops. These stops offer passenger comforts like shelters, benches, advanced technology, and enhanced service. This service runs all day-7days a week and is more frequent compared to regular local bus service. 


EBS consists of two routes: 

The Green Line operates from Whitehall Township to Wind Creek Casino via center city Allentown and downtown Bethlehem.  


The Blue Line is our Cross-Valley Connector covering Trexlertown to downtown Easton.  




EBS stops will receive improvements over the coming years based on local and community feedback. To improve your local station, please reach out to LANTA and get involved in station area planning. 

Enhanced Bus Service is the foundation of the future for LANTA and will enhance accessibility throughout the region 


What’s the Difference? 


EBS vs Traditional Fixed Route 

EBS  Traditional Fixed Services 
Faster travel times   Less frequent 
Shorter wait times at EBS stops  Longer wait times at EBS stops 
Limited stops or stations (express)  Services all stops 
Unique branding to differentiate EBS from other LANTA services   Branding reflective of entire transportation agency 




Importance of Utilizing EBS 

To continue enhancing the quality of life within the region, we implement EBS to improve our overall transportation system. EBS has been in the plans since 2012 and is a direct result of the Moving LANTA Forward plan, a comprehensive study started in 2012. 

Across the United States in the last decade, transit and community leaders have called for transit alternatives that will help decrease congestion throughout the country. Cities such as Pittsburgh and Los Angeles have implemented BRT in their transit systems and grew in popularity in mid-sized metropolitan areas. 

Riders will benefit from a more reliable, convenient, and faster service. In addition, EBS will play an integral role in key regional plans, including FutureLV, LRTP, Eastern RMTC ROP, and various municipal plans. 



Where are the EBS stops located? 

EBS stops are roughly placed every 5 blocks depending on the setting. (Urban, rural, commercial)

How did the public get involved with the development of EBS? 

With our planning process, public involvement was crucial to the success of our study. The public involvement process for this study was broken into four major components: advisory committee meetings, board workshops, public open houses, and stakeholder meetings. 

How did you decide on where to place your EBS routes? 

To help provide service to Lehigh Valley’s densest neighborhoods, our EBS system was developed to help serve areas where the routes would be convenient and reliable as possible. The recommended EBS system was planned to have two routes.  

How frequent will the EBS Routes be? 

Both Routes operate every 30 minutes 7 days a week. Between Allentown and Bethlehem, this bus provides every 15 minutes between the two major cities. 

Service on both proposed EBS routes will operate seven days per week, from approximately 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM on weekdays, 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Saturdays, and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sundays. 


How will this benefit our region? 

Our EBS routes will: 

  • Lower cost per rider 
  • Increased economic activity.  
  • Enhanced safety 
  • More robust tourism  
  • Increased property values 
  • High frequency bus service corridors 
  • Corridors for targeted regional development  


Project Documents

2022 LANTA Enhanced Bus BRT Study Exec Summary Update

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2022 Transit First Capital Projects Plan

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2021 EBS Case Studies Presentation

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2021 EBS Workshop LV Presentation

2016 Four Square Implementation Recommendations

2014 Enhanced Bus BRT Study Executive Summary

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2010 Moving LANTA Forward Final Report 2014 Update