Commute throughout the Valley

If you are starting a new job or your job is moving to downtown Allentown (or elsewhere in the Lehigh Valley) consider saving money and avoiding hassle by making LANta your commuting choice.

Planning your commute on LANta is easier than you think.  Just follow the three easy steps below and you will find yourself joining the thousands of commuters who have make the smart choice, to ride LANta, each day.

1. Determine the LANtaBus route you need to take to get between your home and work.

There are three convenient ways for you to find the route you need:

  • Use the Trip Planner on the sidebar of
    • Enter the starting address and ending address of your trip into the Trip Planner box on the right.  This will provide you with step by step instructions through Google on how to use LANta to make your trip.
  • Contact LANta’s Customer Service line at 888-253-8333 or customerservice@lantabus.comSpanish speaking representatives are available.
    • Speak to a LANta Customer Service representative who can give you all the information you need.
    • Representatives are available 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday and 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Saturday.
    • You can also email with your questions. Spanish speaking representatives are available.
  • Do it the old fashioned way – If you like maps, you can find what route you need to take by looking at our system map.

2. Find your departure time.

Once you know the route you need, you need to plan your trip time. There are three easy ways to do that:

  • Check the route schedule – Schedules for each route can be found here. You can also pick up hard copy schedules for any route at the Allentown Transportation Center or various serviced locations throughout the Lehigh Valley.
  • Use the Trip Planner – If you use the Google Transit Trip Planner on the right, you can enter the desired times at which you want to travel.  The Trip Planner will then give you the arrival/departure times closest to what you enter.
  • Call or email Customer Service – Again, you can use our customer service center to answer any questions you may have.  The number, hours and email address are all listed above.

3. Find your bus stop.

You can find where to catch the bus by one of the following convenient ways:

  • Consult the bus stop locations list – Each route schedule page includes a list of bus stop locations served by that route.
  • Use the Trip Planner – If you use the Trip Planner (powered by Google Maps) on the right, you can easily find directions and instructions for the bus stop nearest you.
  • Call or email Customer Service – Use our customer service center to answer your questions.  The number, hours and email address are listed above.
  • Look for the nearest LANta bus stop sign – All LANta bus stops are marked with a uniform sign showing a bus symbol and the LANta logo. Each sign also lists the routes which serve that stop.

Transit Tools

myStop bus tracker

When making your trip, LANta makes it easy for you to find out the status and location of the bus you are waiting for through the myStop bus tracker tool. The myStop bus tracker is available on the web, by phone and by smart phone app/mobile site. You can find the location, status, and stops serviced by your bus. For an in-depth guide to using the myStop bus tracker tool, click here.

Fare Calculator

See fares for information about the cost of your ride. Remember, seniors 65+ ride free in Pennsylvania – click here for more information.  Also, if you are a person with a disability, you may be eligible for reduced fares – click here for more information.

Calculate how much money you will save when commuting by transit with this savings calculator.  Talk to your Human Resources Department about commuter tax benefits that could save you even more money.

For more information on how to ride LANta buses, see our How to Ride video series or call customer service at 888-253-8333.

Commuting by LANta…’s the smart choice

Commuting Guy