Service Changes effective June 19, 2023

Please note any routes not mentioned will not have any changes this June.


Green Line (formerly known as Route 100) – Service times will be slightly adjusted. See schedule for specifics. Service between Lehigh Valley Mall and Whitehall Central (Walmart) will be limited. Stops are:

Stop Name

Direction Location
Mickley Eastbound to Casino @ Bank of America
Mickley Westbound to Walmart @ Taco Bell
Whitehall Central @ Walmart

Timetable | Map

For local services between Lehigh Valley Mall and Whitehall Central, please see route 103, 211, and 325.


Blue Line  (formerly known as Route 101) – Service be retimed and will operate every 30 minutes (Weekdays & Saturdays), stopping at EBS stops only. To find your local EBS stop, click here.
Timetable | Map


Route 102 – Service on New Street will be removed and realigned to operate along E. Broad St. Route times will remain the same. Additional Westbound trip to Cedar Crest is added at 12:05 AM.
Timetable | Map

102 realignment down E Broad St.


Route 103 – 103 will operate hourly and no longer serve MacArthur Square Redner’s Monday – Saturday. For weekday & Saturday service to MacArthur Square Redner’s see Route 211. Route 103 Sunday service will alternate MacArthur Square and Northampton every other hour.
Timetable | Map

Map of route 103 on Weekdays and Saturdays

Route 103 on Weekdays and Saturdays

Map of alternating route 103 pattern on Sundays only

Alternating Route 103 pattern on Sundays


Route 213 – Route 213 will be consolidated with route 218 forming a new route 218. Working together with Blue Line (formerly route 101), 322, 508 and 613, these changes allow riders multiple new options in Breinigsville. For information on the best route to your destination please refer to Route 218 below, the myStop bus trackeror the Transit App.


Route 218 – Service realigned to serve Breinigsville industrial loop and Windsor Dr. Service is removed from Fogelsville Weis and Allentown Treatment Center. For service to Fogelsville Weis, see Routes 508 and 613. For service to Allentown Treatment Center, see Route 508. Schedule will be retimed for connections.
Timetable | Map

Map of the expanded route 218, Eastbound

Expanded Route 218, Eastbound

Map of the expanded route 218, Westbound

Expanded Route 218, Westbound


Route 322 – Reintroduced to operate local service along Hamilton Blvd to Trexlertown (no Cedar View). From ATC, the route will serve Turner and Chew, and all trips will extend to Amazon/FedEx Breinigsville.
Timetable | Map

Map of Route 322

Map of Route 322


Route 503 – Flex zone has been extended to include: Cedar Crest | Crest Plaza | Cedar Village | Village West | Cedar Pointe | Luther Crest | Operating Hours: 6am – 6:30 pm Monday – Saturday. For more information on using LANtaFlex, click here.
Information PDF | Map

Full Service Area for the 503 Flex

Full Service Area for the 503 Flex

New portion of the 503 service area

New portion of the 503 Service Area


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