CoronaVirus / COVID-19 Announcements

Masks Mandate Optional

The TSA has announced that the federal mask mandate for public transportation will no longer be enforced. As a result, masks will be optional for riders on LANTA services.  Please keep in mind that the CDC continues to recommend wearing a mask in indoor public transportation settings.

Mask Mandate Extension – 3/10/2022

Please be advised, following the CDC recommendation, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) have extended the Mask Mandate to April 18, 2022. Masks are required to be worn on all public transportation, regardless of vaccination status. LANTA follows the guidelines and mandates set by the TSA. This will remain in effect until April 18, 2022.  For more information visit: TSA 

Mask Mandate Extension – 12/02/2021


Please be advised, masks are required to be worn on all public transportation, regardless of vaccination status. LANTA follows the guidelines and mandates set by the TSA. This will remain in effect until March 22, 2022, as per the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) security directive. For more information visit: TSA 

Allentown School District Hybrid Learning

The 400 series routes have been suspended and will not operate during the 2020-2021 school year.

The Allentown School District will be moving to a hybrid learning model for middle and high school buildings on Monday April 26. Due to the fact that not all students will be attending school each day, LANTA does not foresee the need to reintroduce the Capacity Enhancement Services (400 series routes) this school year.  Students may use regularly scheduled LANtaBus services to travel to and from ASD schools.

Click here for more information. 


Free Vaccine Transportation for Seniors

LANTA has partnership agreements with both Lehigh and Northampton Counties to provide free door to door service for seniors 65 and above to travel to and from COVID 19 vaccination appointments.
How the partnership works is that seniors can travel under the LANtaVan Shared Ride for Seniors program, which is a door to door paratransit van service which is already in place.  Normally, seniors have to pay a fare to ride the Shared Ride service.  Both Lehigh and Northampton Counties have agreed to pay that fare for seniors who are using Shared Ride to get back and forth to a vaccine appointment.  This will remove the barrier of having to pay the fare.

What seniors should know:

  • If you are already registered for the Shared Ride service with LANTA, you just need to call the normal reservation line 888-253-8333 and make a reservation for their trip.  When you do, you should let the reservation agent know that you are riding to/from a vaccine appointment so LANTA can code it as fare free.
  • If you are not currently registered for Shared Ride service, you should call 888-253-8333 or go to to find out how to get registered.
  • When scheduling your vaccine appointment, you should make an appointment at one of the physical locations in Lehigh or Northampton Counties (i.e., medical clinics, medical office, pharmacy) and NOT one of the drive through locations.  LANTA vans will not go through a drive through location.
  • Once registered for the service and when you have a vaccine appointment, you can call up to 14 days in advance of their appointment to set up your ride, and must call no later than 4:30 PM the day prior to your appointment.  The reservation line is 888-253-8333 and is open 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM seven days a week.

Implementation of Mask Mandate to Ride Public Transportation Vehicles

LANTA has implemented the Security Directive issued by the Transportation Security Administration of the Department of Homeland Security which requires transit authorities to refuse service to riders over the age of two who are not wearing a mask. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you can request an exemption by applying for a Reasonable Modification. Find information on how to apply at or call customer service at 888-253-8333.

BTC and EITC Sales for Transbridge Services

Starting Monday June 8, staff will be available at the BTC and EITC to sell tickets for Transbridge services. Credit card only at BTC until further notice. Both centers remain closed for public use until further notice.

LANTA Passengers Required to Wear Masks on LANTA Vehicles and Property

Under guidance from Pennsylvania Department of Health, effective Monday April 20, 2020 and until further notice LANTA is requiring that riders wear a mask or face covering when riding LANTA services. The face covering does not have to be a mask, but simply something that covers a person’s mouth and nose. LANTA is posting updated signs on all buses and paratransit vans, as well as using social media and other public communications to inform the riding public.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued an order this week regarding safety precautions for essential businesses which requires the use of face coverings by employees and customers” said LANTA’s Executive Director Owen P. O’Neil.

Riders who cannot wear a face covering due to medical reasons should inform the driver of that restriction when boarding the bus.

If you have questions please call our customer service line at 888-253-8333.

Fare Reduction – Effective Saturday, March 28


Service Level Unchanged Until Further Guidance

The Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority (LANTA) has announced major fare reductions on its LANtaBus fixed-route bus system. The new fares, which take effect Saturday (March 28), were announced by Executive Director Owen P. O’Neil.

The reduced fares will be in effect from Saturday, March 28 until further notice. In his announcement O’Neil listed three major reasons for the fare reductions:

  • Deep discounts on longer term multi-ride passes will encourage riders to buy these passes.  Once using a 31-Day pass, it cuts down on the number of transactions at the farebox as 31-Day pass holders will just have to swipe the pass and board.
  • It provides further incentive to use the new Token Transit mobile ticketing app which further speeds up the boarding process and cuts down on the amount of cash that needs to be processed. The free Token Transit app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • It reduces the amount of interaction between the rider and driver at the farebox, reduces the amount of time people need to pay their fare, and reduces the amount of time people are in line waiting to pay.

The following is the new fare structure:

  • 31-Day Pass purchased On Bus at Farebox or at customer service window – $10 – limit 1 per person when purchased at the Customer Service window
  • 31-Day Pass purchased On Bus at Farebox with Reduced Fare Card – $5
  • 31-Day Pass through Token Transit* – $5
  • 31-Day Pass purchased online  – $5
  • LANTA will still issue and accept change cards.
  • All other fare media will stay the same.

** NOTE: To purchase using Token Transit you must switch the Rider Type to Emergency. This pass is open to all users and does not require an ID to redeem. The pass is labeled ID Required due to app functionality. The pass may still be validated using the touchless hardware validator.

March 25

LANTA Statement Regarding COVID-19 Case

On March 24, 2020, LANTA was informed that one of our employees has tested positive for COVID 19. The employee is a LANtaBus operator. Given privacy issues and the way LANTA drivers’ work is scheduled, the information we can provide to the public is that the driver was regularly scheduled to operate routes in the Bethlehem and Easton area. The driver’s last day working was Friday March 20. Many LANTA riders transfer between routes so we cannot determine who may have been on a bus driven by this particular driver.

Precautionary measures LANTA has taken in response to this notification as well as measures LANTA has taken since the beginning of the outbreak include:

  • LANTA confirmed that the buses the driver had used on their last two workdays had undergone disinfectant cleaning the night after service.
  • LANTA communicated the notification of this employee’s diagnosis to all LANTA employees with instructions on steps they should take.
  • LANTA identified employees that came into contact with the employee and have discussed necessary actions with each of them.
  • LANTA continues to disinfect buses every night and review daily reports to ensure each bus has received disinfectant cleaning since the last time it was in service.
  • LANTA drivers continue to be issued nitrile gloves at the beginning of each shift.
  • LANTA drivers have been issued hand sanitizer and all employees have received communication on how to minimize risk of contracting or spreading COVID 19.
  • LANTA garage facilities continue to receive daily cleaning.
  • All LANTA buses are equipped with safety shields by the driver seats which minimizes contact between drivers and riders.

If a LANTA employee has symptoms as identified by the CDC as being consistent with COVID 19, they have been instructed not to come to work and to consult a medical professional as to whether they should be tested. They are to follow the guidance they receive from the medical professional. If they are instructed to be tested for COVID 19, they remain out of work until their test results come back.
Riders who have concerns about potential exposure should follow guidelines from the CDC at and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (1-877-724-3258) or .

March 24

Bethlehem and Easton Transportation Center Amenity Temporary Closure

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Bethlehem Transportation Center and the Easton Intermodal Transportation, the waiting areas, ticket windows and public bathrooms will be closed until further notice until LANTA can make other arrangements. The outside bathroom at the Bethlehem Transportation Center will remain open. LANtaBus routes will continue to serve these transit centers.

March 16


Due to the declared emergency regarding Coronavirus, LANTA is taking steps to limit the need for the public to visit certain LANTA facilities.

Effective March 18, the customer service window at LANTA’s Easton operating garage on Nicholas Street in Palmer Township will be closed until further notice. The customer service windows at LANTA’s main administrative facility on Lehigh Street in Allentown as well as at the Allentown Transportation Center (ATC) will remain open during current hours until further notice.

However, there are various ways that riders and member of the public can limit their need to visit these windows:

  • For LANtaBus or LANtaVan service information, please call 888-253-8333
  • Customers looking to buy LANtaBus or LANtaVan tickets or passes can purchase them with a credit card online at
  • Orders for tickets or passes for LANtaBus or LANtaVan can also be submitted by mail. To order tickets and/or passes by mail, mail a check or money order to:

LANTA Tickets

1060 Lehigh Street

Allentown, PA 18103

Please be clear as to what tickets or passes you want and the quantities of each type as well as your name and address to which you would like the tickets or passes sent.

  • As always, all LANtaBus pass products can be purchased on board the LANtaBus vehicles or download the Token Transit app to use mobile tickets.  Search Token Transit in the iPhone or Android app stores.

LANTA has been closely monitoring news reports about the human Coronavirus and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website for information and updates.

LANTA is making preparations in the event of an outbreak in the Lehigh Valley. LANTA has taken the following steps to prepare for the possibility of Coronavirus:

  • Bus Operators are being issued nitrile gloves at the beginning of each workday. 
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures have been put in place to disinfect commonly touched surfaces of our buses and vans, such as seat handles, hand rails, etc.
  • Depending upon the effect of an outbreak on LANTA’s staffing levels, LANTA may need to modify service or schedules.  As more information becomes available, it will be communicated via, social media and other news outlets.

LANTA appreciates your patience and we urge you to continue monitoring and our social media pages for the most up to date information.  Thank you.