Route Changes:

Please note any changes or routes not mentioned will not have any changes this August.

Route 102 – Minor Realignment in Allentown. Eastbound service via Hamilton, L-10th, R-Turner to ATC Platform A.

Route 106 – Schedule Change. Hourly service to Amazon Monday-Saturday. Southbound Trip times adjusted to depart at the top of the hour. Route 216 will continue to depart for Easton at 30 after each hour. Click here for an updated pdf.


Transit Center Platform Changes:

To make boarding easier, we’re making some adjustments to boarding locations at ATC-Allentown, BTC-Bethlehem, and LVM-Lehigh Valley Mall


LVM-Lehigh Valley Mall – Platforms reorganized by Direction instead of Route.

Platform 1 (Closer to Boscov’s):          All Northbound and Westbound buses (toward Walmart)

Platform 2 (Closer to Mall Entrance): All Southbound and Eastbound buses (toward ATC, BTC, and Airport)


ATC-Allentown – ATC Construction will be completed on Monday, August 15th.

Platform A will return to the center island at that time. Route 102 Eastbound to Bethlehem will continue to depart from Platform A following construction. On August 29th, Route 220 will shift to ATC Platform B.


BTC-Bethlehem – Route 102 Westbound to Allentown will depart from Platform 2 beginning August 29th.


There will now be a bus every 15 minutes between Allentown and Bethlehem

along the Union Blvd and W. Broad Street EBS Corridor.


From Allentown to Bethlehem, wait at ATC Platform A

From Bethlehem to Allentown, wait at BTC Platform 2


:00 after each hour      Route 100 – Green Line

:15 after each hour      Route 102 – Union Blvd Local

:30 after each hour      Route 100 – Green Line

:45 after each hour      Route 101 – Blue Line


Click here for the service changes in PDF format.

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