Route Changes:

Please note any changes or routes not mentioned will not have any changes this August.

Route 102 – Minor Realignment in Allentown. Eastbound service via Hamilton, L-10th, R-Turner to ATC Platform A.

Route 106 – Schedule Change. Hourly service to Amazon Monday-Saturday. Southbound Trip times adjusted to depart at the top of the hour. Route 216 will continue to depart for Easton at 30 after each hour.


Transit Center Platform Changes:

To make boarding easier, we’re making some adjustments to boarding locations at ATC-Allentown, BTC-Bethlehem, and LVM-Lehigh Valley Mall


LVM-Lehigh Valley Mall – Platforms reorganized by Direction instead of Route.

Platform 1 (Closer to Boscov’s):          All Northbound and Westbound buses (toward Walmart)

Platform 2 (Closer to Mall Entrance): All Southbound and Eastbound buses (toward ATC, BTC, and Airport)


ATC-Allentown – ATC Construction will be completed on Monday, August 15th.

Platform A will return to the center island at that time. Route 102 Eastbound to Bethlehem will continue to depart from Platform A following construction. On August 29th, Route 220 will shift to ATC Platform B.


BTC-Bethlehem – Route 102 Westbound to Allentown will depart from Platform 2 beginning August 29th.


There will now be a bus every 15 minutes between Allentown and Bethlehem

along the Union Blvd and W. Broad Street EBS Corridor.


From Allentown to Bethlehem, wait at ATC Platform A

From Bethlehem to Allentown, wait at BTC Platform 2


:00 after each hour      Route 100 – Green Line

:15 after each hour      Route 102 – Union Blvd Local

:30 after each hour      Route 100 – Green Line

:45 after each hour      Route 101 – Blue Line


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