This route is modified service effective September 13, 2021. Click here to return to the full list of service changes.

These routes will be in service starting Tuesday, September 7th, to provide service to Allentown School District schools.


LANTA and the Allentown School District (ASD) announced a partnership under which ASD has agreed to sell LANtaBus Day Passes for $1 each to students in ASD High Schools and Middle Schools. To take advantage of this price, students will need to buy the passes in school. The $1 price for Day Passes for students will not be available on-board buses or at any LANTA offices or sales outlets. Day Passes will be available for sale in ASD High Schools and Middle Schools starting February 5. Students may still pay the $1 per trip student fare which will remain in effect through the end of the school year.

        These routes are all open to the general public. These routes only operate when ASD is in session throughout the school year.

        Below is a list of routes which serve ASD schools. Routes are organized by school served. Please note that all times in Grey are PM.

        DIERUFF HS


        410 Emaus Ave — Dieruff HS

        Route 410: Timetable | Map

        Emaus Ave & Church St Dieruff HS
        6:35 am 7:00 am
        6:40 am 7:05 am


        Dieruff HS Cumberland Gardens / Susquehanna St Emaus Ave
        2:05 pm 2:20 pm 2:32 pm
        2:50 pm 3:15 pm

        411 Gilmore & Susquehanna — Dieruff HS

        Route 411: Timetable | Map

        Gilmore & Susquehanna Dieruff HS
        6:32 am 6:55 am


        Dieruff Gilmore & Susquehanna
        2:50 pm 3:15 pm


        413 Dixon & South 5th — Dieruff HS

        Route 413: Timetable | Map


        Dixon & Mack Dieruff HS
        6:22 am 6:57 am
        6:27 am 7:02 am


        Dieruff HS Dixon & Mack
        2:50 pm 3:15 pm


        ALLEN HS

        603 Emaus Ave — Allen HS

        Route 603: Timetable | Map


        Emaus Ave & Church St Allen HS
        6:45 am 7:05 am


        Allen HS Emaus Ave
        2:50 pm 3:09 pm

        4th & Gordon to Allen HS

        Service to Allen HS is provided by Route 421. Return service is operated by Route 422.
        Route 421:
        Westbound to Allen HS via Route 421

        Gordon & 4th St Allentown Transportation Center – 6th & Linden Allen HS
        6:55 am 7:03 am 7:10 am

        Eastbound to 5th & Gordon via Route 422

        Allen HS Allentown Transportation Center – 6th & Linden Gordon & 5th
        2:50 pm 2:59 pm 3:05 pm





        423 Allentown ATC — South Mountain Middle School

        Timetable | Map


        ATC – Platform C Jackson & 8th St Jefferson & Lehigh St Devonshire & Oxford Emaus & Church – South Mountain MS
        7:00 7:05 7:10 7:19 7:33



        Emaus & Church – South Mountain MS South Mall Devonshire & Oxford Parkway Shopping Center 8th & Union St Allentown Transportation Center
        2:55 3:04 3:09 3:18 3:25 3:31

        431 Gilmore & Susquehanna — South Mountain MS

        Route 431: Timetable | Map


        Gilmore & Susquehanna South Mountain MS
        7:25 am 7:40 am


        South Mountain MS Gilmore & Susquehanna
        2:50 pm 3:10 pm



        440 Pennsylvania St. — Harrison Morton M.S

        Route 440: Timetable | Map


        Pennsylvania & Tacoma Irving Harrison Morton M.S
        7:15 am 7:20 am 7:45 am



        Harrison Morton M.S Irving Pennsylvania & Tacoma
        2:45 pm 2:45 pm 3:05 pm

        441 Hanover Ave — Harrison Morton M.S

        Route 441: Timetable | Map


        Hanover Ave & Tacoma Harrison Morton M.S
        7:25 am 7:45 am



        Harrison Morton M.S Hanover Ave
        2:45 pm 3:05 pm


        Building 21

        Morning Arrivals

        Route 104
        Southbound from Lehigh Valley Mall

        LVM – Lehigh Valley Mall 7that Greenleaf ATC – Platform C Building 21 (Lehigh at MLK)
        7:45am 7:53am 8:00am 8:03am


        Route 104
        Northbound from Emmaus/South Mall

        Weis Emmaus Chestnut at 4th– Emmaus South Mall Emaus at Howard 4that Lexington Building 21 (Lehigh at MLK)
        7:18am 7:21am 7:30am 7:38am 7:45am 7:57am
        7:48am 7:51am 8:00am 8:08am 8:15am 8:27am


        Route 209
        Eastbound from West End Allentown

        LCCC Schnecksville Walbert at Cedar Crest 19that Pennsylvania Liberty at 16th ATC – Platform B Building 21 (Lehigh at MLK)
        7:00am 7:13am 7:20am 7:24am 7:41am 7:44am


        Route 209
        Westbound from Cumberland Gardens

        Cumberland at Ellsworth 5that Wyoming Building 21 (Lehigh at MLK)
        7:53am 7:58am 8:00am


        Afternoon Departures

        Route 104
        Southbound to South Mall/Emmaus

        Building 21 (Lehigh at MLK) 4that Lexington Emaus at Howard South Mall Chestnut at 4th– Emmaus Weis Emmaus
        4:00pm 4:08pm 4:12pm 4:21pm 4:29pm 4:32pm
        4:30pm 4:38pm 4:42pm 4:51pm 4:59pm 5:02pm


        Route 104
        Northbound to Lehigh Valley Mall

        Building 21 (Lehigh at MLK) ATC – Platforms B 7that Greenleaf Lehigh Valley Mall
        3:57pm 4:00pm 4:05pm 4:15pm
        4:27pm 4:30pm 4:35pm 4:45pm


        Route 209
        Eastbound to Cumberland Gardens

        Building 21 (Lehigh at MLK) 6that St. John Cumberland at Ellsworth
        3:44pm 3:46pm 3:54pm


        Route 209
        Westbound to West End Allentown

        Building 21 (Lehigh at MLK) ATC – Platform B Liberty at 16th 19that Pennsylvania Walbert at Cedar Crest LCCC Schnecksville
        4:13pm 4:15pm 4:26pm 4:31pm 4:37pm 4:52pm